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After Effects Tutorials: Text Typewriter Effect

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To create this important effect you need Image Lounge plugin.

Technique for creating a Typewriter Effects you'll find in this After Effects Tutorial.




Tutorial: Creating of Text Typewriter Effect in After Effects


1. Create a new composition and a import prepared background image.


2. Create a new Shape layer and apply Image Lounge effect to this layer( Effects>Image Lounge>Text Typewriter) and set the following parameters.


3. Apply to layer Glow effect (Effects>Stylize>Glow) and set the following parameters. 


4. Create two keyframes for parameter 'Typing completion' from 0% to 100%.


Note: you can use many different parameters of Text Typewriter to create a desired effect. 





Author: Semyon Edvabnov

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Thank you for reading.

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