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After Effects Tutorials: Colored Moving Clouds by Trapcode

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Hello Friends,


In this tutorial for After Effects we'll create some strange moving clouds with Trapcode Particular plugin. Something like that:



Tutorial: Creating Colored Moving Clouds in After Effects


1. Create a new composition and a new solid-layer. Apply Effects > Trapcode > Particular to this layer.


2. Set the following parameters for Emitter.

1. emmiter

3. Set the following parameters for Patrical.

3. partical

4. Next parameters we'll change is Aux.

2. aux

5. Then change Shading and Physics.

5. shading

6. Create a new light source and place it in the point of beginning of clouds.Apply Lense Flare to the solid-layer and also place it to the point of clouds' beggining. Also apply Glow effect to the particular solid-layer.


7. Create a new camera and path for camera movement. 


That's all.


Author: Edvabnov Semyon

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Thank you for reading.

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