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After Effects Tutorials: Blowing Effect for Text

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Hi Friends,


If you want to create a cool blowing effect for text or any other object, you need to download Trapcode Form plugin and read this After Effects tutorial.

Here my result:


Tutorial: Creating a Blowing Effect for Text in After Effects via Trapcode Form


1. Create a new composition (name it Build) and a new solid-layer. Apply Effects > Generate > Ramp to this solid-layer and set the following settings.

 1. ramp

2. Set the pointer to the beggining of timeline and press P button. Move the solid to left and place a keyframe. Then set the pointer to the 3 second and move the solid to right. Place the second keyframe here. See screenshots for details. 

 2. move ramp

3. Create a new composition (name it Text) and a new text layer with desired text. Then, create a new solid-layer and apply Ramp effect to it.

 3. ramp 2

4.  Do the same actions as in the point 2. 

 4. ramp move 2

5. Place the solid-layer 2 under the text layer and set Track Matte to Luma Inverted matte.

 5. first result

6. Create a new composition and place two your composition here. Make Build and Text compositions invisible. Then, create a new solid-layer and apply Effects > Trapcode > Form to this layer. Set the following parameters for Trapcode Form effect. 

 6. base

7. Now, configure Layer Maps. 

 7. maps

8. Then, set 200 for Disperse parameter in Disperse & Twist.


9. And finally, set the following parameters for Fractal Field options.

 8. fractal


You should get something like that:

9. result


Author: Aharon Rabinowitz

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Thank you for reading.

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